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Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time



CRYSTAL SKULLS & THE ENIGMA OF TIME –  A Spiritual Wisdom Adventure.

Published August 2011. Also available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon and NOOK Book from Barnes & Noble.



From PATRICIA MERCIER best selling author of ‘Maya End Times’, 'The Chakra Experience' and 'The Chakra Bible' come deep insights into life-sized crystal skulls, humanity’s evolutionary potential and the enigma of our times.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Watkins Publishing. 
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 178028005X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1780280059

This story of my crystal skull experiences is now published by Watkins Publishing, London, UK, and distributed in USA and Canada by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. Available from Amazon, Cygnus and bookshops.

Book outline: Among the most mysterious of sacred objects turning up around the world are carved crystal skulls often used in Mayan rites. Patricia embarked on a quest to unlock their secrets, and she has produced a spine-tingling saga of sacred ceremonies, armed holdups, inner journeys, and a weirdly cosmological stack of tortillas. Along the way, Patricia explores Mayan traditions and reveals the healing properties of the crystal skulls. She explains the new 'superconsciousness' within humanity's grasp - an evolutionary rebirth that is linked to the crystal skulls.

Quotes from the book: ‘At this point in history we can pose two fundamental questions. Is it possible to concentrate our life-force sufficiently to further evolve our human species into a higher state of consciousness? Can we manifest a realization that evolution is no longer restricted to the three physical dimensions? The answer to these questions fits like a key into our own skulls.’

 ‘Crystal skulls, whilst showing us past memories encoded within them, more importantly open perceptions of our future symbolic self that may choose our highest optimum path in life.’

 ‘Crystal Skulls & the Enigma of Time – A Spiritual Adventure into the Mayan World of Prophecy and Discovery’, together with ‘Maya End Times – A Spiritual Adventure, Maya Prophecies for 2012’ (In English or Japanese) can be purchased on the Bookstore page or here: 

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