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Welcome. You can find my books for sale in bookshops or on Kindle, and Amazon UK, Cygnus UK, Barnes & Noble and Fishpond Australia as well as other outlets.

 Hello readers,

You may not know that I have been a passionate grower and user of herbs all my life. Now I am publishing on Kindle to share this knowledge with those who need it at this difficult time. 

How to Use Antiviral and Adaptogenic Herbs - Beat the Viruses


How to Use Essential Oils for coughs, colds, flu 


I am also delighted to introduce my 'Little Book of Chakras'. It is a handy-size, low cost, guide to the chakras and I am sure you will love it! As well as explaining chakras in a very clear way, it also has numerous 5 or 10 minute tasks that will enhance relaxation and well-being. Do take a look inside the book. It is in English, French, Spanish, German, etc. as well as being in Kindle format. 


I specialize in writing under the general headings of Mind/Body/Spirit and Ancient Civilizations.  Recent work includes the following topics: The Chakras: Energy Healing: Herbs: Yoga: The Maya of Central America: Prophecy: Shamanism: Crystals: Crystal Skulls: Human Spiritual Evolution: Sound, Light & Colour Therapy: Aromatherapy: Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

I am currently working on 'Quantum Chakras' and have completed a book about therapeutic medicinal Amazonian herbs and the urgent environmental issues associated with these special plants. 

Over the years I am fortunate to have worked with excellent publishers and Susan Mears Literary Agency to whom all inquiries regarding new projects/translation/film/contractual rights should be addressed. 

The Chakra Bible

Have a cup of Chakra Chai with me!

Hello readers, I am CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF MY ‘CHAKRA BIBLE’. Over the years it has had a super new cover and been translated into numerous languages including editions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Japanese. Even though it’s ten years old the ancient chakra wisdom never fades, and it is still as popular a book as ever.  If you would like to read just about everything there is to know about chakra, then this is the book for you. It integrates, Yoga, colour, crystals, sound, herbs, dowsing, chakra balancing and healing, essential oils, light therapy, reflexology points, etc. and traditional teachings. It details each of the seven chakras and includes minor chakras and newly discovered 12 chakra system too. It really is a definitive guide and I am sure you will love it.

The Chakra Bible helps you work with chakras (a subtle, normally unseen, but important body energy system). It introduces you to auras, subtle energy and chakra balancing.

A chapter is devoted to each of the seven main chakras, including comprehensive instructions on how to activate, calm and balance each one. There are step-by-step yoga postures to increase chakra awareness and encourage the flow of energy through your body.

Includes fascinating information on the history of chakras in Indian and other traditions, plus the 12 chakra system that harmonizes us with new awareness. The book explains how to use crystals, colour, sound and essential oils for healing and balancing the whole being, giving both introductory and advanced healing techniques. It will help you achieve new levels of health, wellbeing and spiritual development. 

Published by Godsfield Press, a division of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., London.

Best seller! Many excellent reviews. In 2014 The Chakra Bible was 5th in the lists of Energy books and 12th in the Yoga books on

Chakras/energy & spiritual healing

I have written three books on this topic for Godsfield Press, UK, now part of Hamlyn/Octopus Group. They are shown on this page. These books have been translated into numerous languages (please enquire about this).They are excellent for your personal reading and study and I also know that many teachers are using them as valuable workbooks for students.

Please let me know if you enjoyed my books, or, if you purchased from Amazon, consider writing a review to submit to the Amazon website.

Thank you. 

The Chakra Experience - workbook

The Chakra Experience was published Sept. 2011/Feb. 2012. It is a practical experiential book that includes a CD of relaxing visualizations and meditations.It is an excellent companion read to my two previous chakra books. It draws closely on my work with students and clients over the years. available in ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH. 

This book provides personalized, practical and direct experience of the healing power you will achieve by working with your Chakras. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Chakra Experience becomes your personal tutor, leading you through key ideas and concepts together with inspirational and holistic exercises to increase energy for enhanced wellbeing. It begins with basics and progresses to more advanced exercises.

The accompanying CD of Music and practical visualization/meditation exercises will help you to relax and understand the transformative potential of the chakras. Journaling sections throughout the book record your progress to make sure you never lose touch with the discoveries and insights you have enjoyed.

I know this book is good because I tried out all the practical exercises on my students! 


Published by Godsfield Press, a division of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., London.

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'Chakras' - my first chakra book, ideal as workbook

'Chakras' is beautifully and lavishly illustrated to take you into the colourful world of the chakras. It explains what chakras are and how to work with them on personal levels to improve health and wellbeing.

Healers will find this book useful.....quote:

'Healing Light. Certain healers are able to see or detect the condition of auric fields and chakras. Sometimes they even perceive disease before it manifests in the body. These healers often have the ability of channeling healing from the source of Creation to exert a beneficial influence on the chakras, allowing the body to heal itself.'

The book covers the seven major chakras, chakra balancing, the Indian tradition, the rainbow bridge of light and colour, chakras and sound, new awareness, chakras and sacred stones, healing our bodies of light. Additionally it covers the 12 chakra system, exactly how to dowse with a pendulum, colour rays and the influence of seven-year life cycles. It also has a focus upon the benefits of stress release and relaxation.

I hope you enjoy reading and working with this book to balance your energy flow for optimum health and harmony.  

Published by Godsfield Press, a division of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., London.