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The Maya End Times


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I was delighted to write this account of my quest to understand the numerous prophecies concerning year 2012 and 'the end times' originating from North, South and Central America.

Despite finding some dire prophecies, what I discovered is that 2012 is NOT an end, but a beginning.

Let me explain how 2012 marks the culmination of the Maya 13th baktun, a period of years in their unique calendars. After December 21st 2012 a new 'Age', the Fifth Age, begins, together with a new cycle of the calendar count. It heralds the birth of a new consciousness of positivity and peace when all humanity will learn to respect the Earth.

In this book I have included useful appendices listing many of the prophecies of the Americas, Maya Timekeeping, Crystal skulls and relevant websites for further exploration. 


A review from New Consciousness, August 2009:

'According to the Mayan Prophecies, the 5,000-year “Fourth Age” will conclude in 2012—culminating either in the cataclysmic end of the world as we know it or in a new golden age.

The Maya End Times is a wake-up call for averting disaster, connecting us to ancient predictions that reveal how close we are to apocalypse. Set in the mysterious worlds of the shamans, it leads us through otherworldly journeys through the stars, moving with inspiration from the past to the future, with an underlying message of hope from the voices of the “singing” crystal skulls. What seekers learn will empower them and help them understand the significance of the Mayan foretellings.

It’s a potent and unforgettable mix of serious investigation, travel adventure, and inner experience.'



Watkins Publishing, London.

Date Published

April 01, 2008





This book has been published in English and Japanese. For translation rights into other languages please contact the publishers


Another Review:

'This remarkable spiral of a story drops readers into a between-worlds adventure of Mayan culture and “evolutionary soul-awakening.” Unlike most Western-based interpretations of prophecies that typically echo doom and gloom, the core truths of Mayan wisdom unveiled by Mercier remind us that the end of one age is always the beginning of another.

The Mayan prophesies are actually pointers toward the possibilities that lie before us and a wake-up call to what lives in our hearts and minds: our actions and worldviews are especially critical in these birthing times leading up to 2012, and will determine the coming age as one of crisis or breakthrough.

More than 2000 years ago, the Mayans formulated a “profound galactic cosmology.” Gazing at the stars, they noticed that the sun was slowly moving over time into the heart of the galaxy. Using sophisticated sacred science calculations and uncorrupted indigenous intelligence, they devised a long-range calendar that predicted the time when the apex of solar and galactic alignment would occur: December 21, 2012. This occurrence, and the years leading up to it, marks the end of the “Fourth Age.” It is prophesied as a time of significant transformation—a time when humanity is asked to reconnect with its cosmic heart and essential wisdom.

In The Maya End Times Patricia Mercier describes her personal quest to uncover the essence of Mayan prophesies, and is astounded to be entrusted with a life-size quartz crystal skull, which she is told she must carry to the “End of Time.”

Preparing for her role as keeper of the skull, she journeys through Central America, deep into the tangled realms of Sacred Science, the strands of time, and what she calls the WorldWideWeb of Light. As we travel with her on pilgrimages and sacred ceremonies, to pyramid peaks and through underground passages, Mercier peels away the layers of truth and fallacy of the Mayan prophesies: a verbal lineage of truth-keeping passed down through the generations.

As a reviewer with a self-proclaimed aversion toward tales of prophesy (precisely because of their “doom-and-gloom” tone and unyielding stance), I found The Maya End Times to be a refreshing, intriguing, and illuminating adventure: a practical and profound worldview for spiritual awareness and awakening.'

Review by Julie Clayton


The Maya Shamans - Travellers in Time

In Spanish translation as 'Los Secretos de los Chamanes Mayas'. Published by Luciernaga, Spain.




The Maya Shamans Travellers in Time:
By Alloa Patricia Mercier
Published by Vega Books 2002
222 pages, hardback


This was my first Maya theme book. IT GIVES MAYA CALENDAR INFORMATION AND A STUNNING COSMIC REVELATION REGARDING THE END TIMES. As well as deep teachings, this book contains a record of my journey through the Mayalands, my own drawings, photographs and exercises to undertake at the end of each chapter. This informative book closely follows the teachings of Daykeeper Hunbatz Men of Itza Maya Tradition and was also inspired by 13th Generation Wisdom Teacher and Maya Priest, Leader of the Council of Elders, Guatemala, Don Alejandro Cirillo Perez Oxlaj.



Review from New Dawn Magazine:

'It is curious the word “Maya” also means “illusion.” The Mayans were masters of the calendar, and some scientists now consider time itself is really an illusion.

The author, who has traveled widely in Central America, and is also co-director of The Sun & Serpent Mysteries Schools, says that embarking on a shamanic quest for the meaning of time is intrinsic to that culture.

Our experience of time is dictated by our perceptions and how we use attention. Alter that in shamanic rituals, and you suddenly enter a world where anything is possible from self-healing to shape shifting to meeting with ghosts and spirits of ancestors.

Mercier laments the impulse to put Coca-Cola stands and electric lights on or near ancient sacred sites. She quotes Chan K’in, one of the last great elders and shamans, as saying:

“The quetzal bird no longer flies, men cut down the forests and no longer respect nature. When the forest disappears there is no place for the Lacondons (builders of temples). The sons of my sons sell arrows to tourists and the god Mensabak no longer speaks to me.”

There is little doubt these sacred power spots had a role to play in the consciousness of the people indigenous to the area.

When Mercier spoke to a young Mexican woman leading the archaeological team at Kohunlich, she was startled to hear that working on some huge ancestral face masks had unexpected consequences.

The woman pointed at the mask and said that uncovering it from the rubble had changed her life. She said she had been having strange dreams that showed her things about the ancient Mayan which had not been covered in her archaeology degree studies.

She said that she was now paying attention to the Maya shamans and the mask has become a doorway into other consciousness and dimensions.

It is theorized that one of the reasons so many people in the West are fascinated by Maya calendars is we have largely lost the rhythm of nature they represent and consequently suffer a good deal of stress the Mayans were immune to.

One of the major preoccupations today is with the date of December 21, 2012, when a cycle of cosmic proportions is due to end and something momentous is set to occur.

It appears the calendar keepers had a binary system centuries before the Western world and the Haab calendar has been calculated by NASA to have a 0.00000001 degree of accuracy to the atomic clock, requiring only a one day adjustment in every 180,000 years, an amazing accomplishment in view of the problems our calendar still has with a Leap Year every four years.

The Central American pyramids, like those of Egypt, contain numerological information. The four original flights of steps when added to the one final step to the temple equal the number of days in the Haab calendar of 365 days. The effect of a serpent of light down the stair balustrade at the spring equinox was created with immense precision, a fact lost on many tourists.

Likewise, the recent rediscovery of resonant frequencies and energy fields find an echo among the shamans who intuitively knew all about it eons ago.

Genuine Mayan crystal skulls may enable coherent energy fields of light to manifest, and generate cellular changes in the body for the purpose of healing. Although the author admits this is speculation on her part, she does say these concepts are leaps into the unknown, but not the unknowable.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell has pointed out the role of the archetype in all cultures in our recorded history, as representing certain fundamentals in human nature. The Hero Twins in the Popul Voh translations are no exception.

Duality, light and darkness, the shadow self, are all contained in the folklore of the Maya. They are, however, in forms we may not recognise at first, as we are not accustomed to dealing with that particular representation.

By confronting the Underworld within, whether through means of a psychotropic compound or ritualistic trance, the shaman achieves psychological wholeness. Then he/she will stop leaking energy and gain a new purpose.

The colour photographs and the appendices giving a glossary of terms and the various calendrical cycles add to the feeling of place the author is able to convey. She is a keen observer, not only of present day Mexico and Guatemala, but of the shamanic mysteries of the long ago past.

It is a difficult task to explain the complexities of Maya shamanism in terms everyone will understand, but she succeeds admirably. A fascinating glimpse into a subject we know very little about.'

– Reviewed by W. Ritchie Benedict in New Dawn No. 86


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