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Latest work presented to publishers at London and Frankfurt Book Fairs: 'Naturewise - an Amazonian Herbal' includes rainforest and Maya region herbs and plants for healing, including traditional and modern uses. This book has detailed information on over 40 herbs as well as chapters touching on conservation of rainforest, indigenous practices using herbs for healing and visions, the role of 'big-pharma' in making plant based drugs available, nature healing and making your own preparations from rainforest plants. 

It is intended that it could be part of a ‘Naturewise’ series including: ‘North American and Native American Herbal Remedies’ as well as ‘European and Druidic Herbal Remedies’.



This practical non-fiction book of approximately 46,000 words is an easy to read comprehensive guide to healing herbs and rainforest botanical environmental protection. It gives a broad view of herbal use for health and wellness as well as aspects of ethnobotany - the relationships that exist between people and plants.

The importance of remaining rainforest regions of the world cannot be overemphasised. People at the cutting edge for change are realising that destruction of fragile resources and biodiversity will eventually jeopardise all human health and wellbeing. Rainforests eco-systems have a direct beneficial impact on us all if they are left standing without interference from developers and industrial exploits. So the importance of medicinal use and natural wisdom about rainforest plants is introduced with renewed relevance because forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. 

The first part of the book takes the form of a rainforest journey. It includes numerous herbs/trees/fruits/roots that have both traditional medicine uses and modern-day scientifically proven properties. There are sections on:

Practical therapeutic ways to use rainforest herbs for healing.

Ethnobotany, ecological and environmental concerns about preserving the world heritage of plants. Including spiritual/magical properties and traditional/indigenous herbal use.

Health freedom and the development of herb-based drugs and botanicals within the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicinal properties and cautions about herbs.  Fasting and cleansing safely. 

Connections to the spirit of the plant: indigenous uses of psychoactive/hallucinogenic plants, e.g. ayahuasca, peyote, balché (Mayan sacred drink), datura, morning glory, etc.

The second half of the book, ‘plant treasures’, focusses in-depth attention on a list of around 40 plants with medicinal properties from the Amazon Rainforest, South America, and some Mayan regions in Central America, with additional references to tropical rainforests worldwide as appropriate. The book includes common/botanical name cross-references.

There is an Appendix and glossary.          

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