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In my writing I draw upon practical skills as an holistic healer using crystals, oils, massage, Yoga, colour and light for healing. My other passions include embracing a positive world future, creating visionary artwork and speaking to international gatherings. I also facilitate courses specializing in Evolution of Consciousness, Maya culture of Central America, shamanism, colour and crystals.

I love to write about subtle energy, or vibrational healing, as some say. Hence I have written three chakra books that you will find detailed on this site. A fourth chakra book is about to be published in 2017.


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Over the years I have studied many forms of Complementary Healing and qualified in teaching Yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing. In addition I was a Fellow of the Hygeia College of Colour Therapy, UK studying with the late Theo Gimbel. 

Some very special crystal skulls have imparted their teachings to me and form the basis of two of my books about the Maya which weave many layers of understanding within them. They are not solely about skulls, but herald the evolution of humanity towards a new type of being that I name ‘homo spiritus’. In these critical times for Mother Earth it is up to us to envision the world that we wish to leave to our children and our grandchildren’s children, seven generations into the future, (as wise First Nation elders say). It is up to us to make the right choices to create this positive future, especially when daily news is filled with violence and despair. 

Appreciation of Mother Earth guides my work and I constantly explore how shamanism forms a bridge between us and nature. I became intensely interested in the worlds of the shamans of the Americas many years ago when I first undertook a 13 day shamanic journey in the Mayalands, Central America. Each day was another lesson on the Medicine Wheel. Even though it was tough, this inspired me! I have since traveled widely throughout these areas, in South America and other sacred and interesting places on our beautiful planet. 

On one occasion I was initiated by Maya Elders and shamans into the Sovereign Solar Order of Chichén Itzá, Mexico. At their invitation I co-direct the Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School with my husband. It was founded in 1996 to disseminate Maya wisdom and the teachings of our own lands. The School runs occasional Shamanic Quests in the wild mountains of southern Spain as well as teaching Reiki and various modes of spiritual/vibrational healing.


Publishers please note that I will consider writing about any mind/body/spirit/human evolution topics as well as Ancient Civilizations. Please contact me direct with a copy to my agent, Susan Mears Literary Agency. 


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